17 Things You Didn’t Know About Tanjiro Kamado!

Did you know about demon slayer lied to you about tanjaro, when tandro’s blade, first turned black, sakoneji and haganizuka were shocked and a little scared, because, according to ancient lore demon, slayers with black blades died early and struggled with learning breeding. Styles panchero was freaked out by this, but the truth is that demon slayers with black blades are actually the most talented swordsmen in the world. It only seems like they lack skill because they have trouble learning a normal breathing style and the reason they have trouble with it is because they’re supposed to learn the most powerful breathing style called sun breathing.

they're supposed to learn the most

Now this is just one of the many tantra facts. I discovered and we’re just getting started, because each fact I share is just a little bit more interesting than the last and next, let’s talk about why tanjaro’s demon, slayer mark is actually going to kill him see. Everybody believes that once you unlock a demon slayer mark, you become a lot more powerful but you’re also going to die before the age of 25. This is commonly called the curse of the demon slayer mark but after tons of research I realized that everybody was wrong. It’s not really a curse, see the marks, allowed demon, slayers use more power, but at the expense of their own health. So if a demon slayer uses the mark too many times, they’ll cause their body to quickly deteriorate and pass away early. Dang, that’s just crazy, but not as crazy as our next point cause did. You know that tantra of swords secretly appeared in the jujutsu kaizen manga in one of the latest chapters of jjk, a bad guy is running around the city. Looking for a katana, he breaks into a child’s room and sees a box of toys and inside that box is a toy version of tantro’s katana. The dope part is that when you press a button on the sword, tundra’s voice says first form water, surface splash. That’s so cool, but listen, tundra isn’t just good at fighting because he’s the main character he’s actually a secret fighting prodigy see tanjaro became a better swordsman than sabito in just six months and sabito was definitely not a weak demon slayer.

just good at fighting because he's the

He trained side by side with the water hashiragu and actually saved hugh’s life. A couple times but tundra was even more talented than that because he’s the only demon slayer alive that can use two different breathing styles water and sun breathing. So where do tantro’s secret fighting skills come from? Well, if he trace his lineage you’ll find that one of tundra’s ancestors was given the secret of sun breathing by yorichi, the original sunbreather and that’s pretty cool, but I was even more excited after discovering tundra’s top secret fighting moves, see, there’s a demon, slayer video game that came out in 2021 and in it, tundra has three unique skill moves that have never been shown in the anime. The first two moves, look pretty boring, but the third one is insane. It’s called phoenix flash and looks like this, something that’s even more secret than those killer moves is the meaning of tanjiro’s name. If you look at his name in japanese kanji, the tan means charcoal the g means heel and the road translates to sun the charcoal in his name just stands for what tundra’s job was before he became a demon slayer. He used to turn wood into charcoal and then sell it to local villages, but what does he or he and his name stand for? It’s never been confirmed, but I think it symbolizes the journey he’s on to try and heal his sister.

journey he's on to try and heal his

He is trying to turn her back into a human after all, but have you ever wondered how tundra would train to become stronger if he was in the real world?

wondered how tundra would train to

Well, he’d probably use tower of fantasy a free to play mmorpg that works on both his phone and pc and if he wanted to train with zinitsu on anosuke, this game would be perfect because it has a dope multiplayer mode where they could fight bosses, discover the world and enjoy cool transportation together. The map on this game kinda reminds me of demon slayer because of how beautiful and bright it is, you can fly in vehicles swim in water and much more, and the best thing is that you can completely customize your character. My original character was this girl, so I complete. They changed her to look more like tundra’s future girlfriend, using all the custom switches in the game, but I have to mention lin and tower of fantasy’s new 2.1 update, she’s the character everybody’s been waiting for since the game’s been released, players call her mommy, lynn and I think I know why she has cool combat skills. This deadly fan that she uses for attacks and is even able to take on monsters, like this dragon I’m, excited to play her in confounding abyss, an underground world full of dangers and secrets. The art, style and immersive music gives me a dark fantasy vibe, which makes the game even cooler and the map even comes with a dangerous new boss called the vicent hara I can’t wait to see lynn fight her and discover the boss’s secret backstory mommy lynn is waiting for you in tower of fantasy so use my code, vera strong to get special rewards and listen. It sucks that nezuko is a demon, but one thing she doesn’t have to worry about.

doesn't have to worry about is people

Is people saying her name right because a nosuke over here has literally never correctly said pandro’s name so far in the anime anosuke is called panjaro, gunpacho, kamaboko, gengaro, shakariki and eight other pronunciations of his name. You also can’t forget the time tundra was a raccoon named pondero in a dream that anosuke had man and nosuke really sucks at names and I’m surprised that tanjaro isn’t more annoyed because I’d be insulted. If one of my best friends forgot my name, it’s not even half as bad as what hugh does to tantaro on the daily, see tantro has to travel a lot to slay demons and because the iphone 14 mini pro max isn’t out. Yet he has to settle for a much slower way of communicating. He sent letters to his water, hashira master kyotro’s little brother tatangin, but you is the only person. Who’s never responded to any letters, I get that gives a man of few words, but he should at least have the courtesy to respond to a letter right. But maybe you never responds to the letters because he hates how stinky tanjaro is see. The official fan book of demon slayer revealed that tundra barely ever takes off. His earrings they’ve been handed down from father to son all the way from the original demon slayer yorichi.

way from the original Demon Slayer

Because of this, tanjaro has the oldest nastiest earrings in the world and only takes them off when you start itching too much gross, but we gotta talk about sad backstories because there’s a running joke that every single demon and demon slayer has one and tantra always starts crying when the defeated demon shares their story. But why is he so empathetic? It’s not just an annoying character. Flaw the reason he cares so much about humans is because nezuko is one. He understands that demons aren’t necessarily horrible people and nezuko is living proof of that chandra’s. Empathy might be annoying to you and me, but there’s one good thing that comes out of it.

but there's one good thing that comes

Pretty much every eligible young lady in the show has fallen in love with him and he’s actually kind of a playboy, because while tantro ends up marrying canal a couple, other girls were interested in him too. Howie love tundra, but when she noticed that canal was head, over heels she things up and went after a no skate instead, I wonder what anoski would say if he realized he got tantra’s dirty leftovers and, to be honest, he’d probably get extremely angry, but in nosuke’s anger would only be one percent of the anger that tantaro felt when he first met muzon see the scene is special because it’s the first time we get to see tanjaro’s full anger. You’ve got to remember that his entire family was killed by the, demon, king and nezuka was turned into a demon by him. Even worse, it’s technically luzon’s fault. Every time that a demon kills one of tonderos friends- and this is a good reminder that tundra wants to turn his sister back into a human, but he also wants to avenge his family and friends. Let’s switch things up. Did you know that a ton of japanese parents ate ponderos guts, I’m betting, you didn’t, but tantro is so popular with japanese kids that parents are starting to get scared. You see. The results of a 2020 study showed that japanese kids admire tundra the most even more than their parents. If my kid

said they looked up to an anime

said they looked up to an anime character, more than me, I’d take away their ipad until they got married because that that’s just wild, but what’s even more wild, is tundra’s sense of smell before you say, oh emoto, I already know all about his nose I guarantee you only know one percent of the insane things his nose can do first, tantro’s sense of smell is so good that he was able to recognize muzon sent two years after his family was killed, but it gets even crazier, because tundra’s sense of smell is so great. He can sense people’s true intentions. That’s right. He can smell your emotions. In fact, he was able to send shinobu’s hatred of demons even when she was trying to hide it. But the most insane thing that his nose can smell is the future I’m not going to spoil it, but in the swordsmith arc, tondero trained so hard that he brings his nose to a whole new level. Ponderos knows is also his biggest weakness, because if he gets a stuffy nose, he wouldn’t be able to smell your intentions or the future.

wouldn't be able to smell your

But tantro has another weakness and it’s hilarious. He can’t keep a straight face while lying I mean look at his face. If he tried to lie in me, I would know in an instant and listen, that’s sad and all. But it’s nothing compared to how angry tundra made this guy feel see hug and azuka has no life, no life, no girlfriend. The only thing he loves in the world is the swords he makes for demon slayers. So when tantaro broke, not one not two but three of his swords, hogan azuka was ready to end tundra’s life, but I think everything worked out, because the fourth sword that tantro gets is like 9 000 times more powerful than his previous two swords combined see. It’s made by combining the hilt from rengoku’s old sword and the blade from his ancestor yorichi sword. I bet haganizuka loved working on that sword because those two pieces fused to make one of the strongest swords out there and listen kanduro- gets into some crazy fights with that sword. But let’s remember that he wouldn’t even be alive if it wasn’t for this character. Yeah. That’s right, you don’t remember this dude. Even though he’s the whole reason, kandro became a demon slayer, see way back in the very first episode, tantaro traveled down to the village, to sell charcoal to the villagers. It took him a while to sell everything he had so by the time he was done it was already getting dark out now. Tantra wanted to go back up the mountain to join his family, but this man, mr sabra, warned him not to sabaro’s. Family had been killed by demons during the night, so he invited tanjaro to sleep over tondero nearly declined. But after a bit of convincing he accepted sabro’s offer. The crazy part here is that if mr sabro, hadn’t convinced hondro to stay in the village overnight, tundra would have joined his family. Just in time for muzon’s dinner, then the only surviving person would have been nezuko, but she would have died shortly after because you would have found her and ended her and that fight between you and nezuko would probably be so graphic.

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